Team Tracker

Grameenphone Team Tracker Service for Enterprise

Business is like a game of chess. Every move matters. Time is precious. The location and movement of each piece is a must-know for one to win the game. Today's competitive and fast changing business world demands the same.

With Grameenphone "Team Tracker",you canlocate your workforce and direct them towards the achievement of your business goals.

Team Tracker is a new value-added solution for the Business Market. This solution willhelp bring about efficiency to the value chain of organizations having field employees. Managing field operations & directing field employees towards the business success has always b een a concern for field managements like National & Regional Sales Managers, Area Managers & Distributors.

With the services of Grameenphone Team Tracker, organizations can now locate its employees, assign tasks to them digitally & also receive task updates electronically. The system is robust enough to handle data for even a thousand employees.


Features of the Service:

  • real-time overview of outdoor employee movements on the map
  • Location based task delegation and proactive workload allocation
  • Instant task status update
  • Business Reports generation on Employee Location & Task status based on organizational hierarchy
  • By using this solution, a company is expected to gain:
    1. Faster Actions
    2. Excellent planning and precise workforce management
    3. Efficient workload assignment to lead to greater employee satisfaction
    4. Cost Efficiency

The end result is, a company is expected to enjoy higher productivity in field operations in terms of enhanced sales volume and prompt customer service. All these benefits will help the company to have a competitive edge in the market.

To avail this service, companies have to provide monthly service fee of BDT 300 per employee. 'Task Assign' SMS charge is BDT 1.00 per SMS and 'Task Update' SMS charge from mobile phone is BDT 2.00/per SMS. Business houses will be able to enjoy up-to 50% discount on monthly service fee based on volume purchase.

Interested Business Solution Customers are requested to directly contact their concern Grameenphone Account Manager. Other interested business entities may call our business hotline number 222 or contact us through and mention their company profile.



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