Internet and Minute Pack on Recharge!

Recharge based Internet and Minute Pack activation is here! Now Prepaid and Postpaid customers can activate Internet and Bundle Pack just by recharging specific amounts through any Flexiload Points as well as GPAY and Powerload.

Internet Packs:

For both Prepaid & Postpaid
Recharge AmountPackValidity 
31 taka recharge250MB3 Days (Activation Day + 2 Days)Recharge
37 taka recharge85MB7 DaysRecharge
41 taka recharge2GB**2 Days(Activation+1)Recharge
56 taka recharge115MB30 DaysRecharge
86 taka recharge1GB**7 Days(Activation+6)Recharge
104 taka recharge1.5GB**7 DaysRecharge
129 taka recharge2GB**7 DaysRecharge
148 taka recharge6GB**(3GB Regular+3GB 4G)7 DaysRecharge
149 taka recharge555MB28 DaysRecharge
179 taka recharge4GB**7 DaysRecharge
189 taka recharge1GB**28 DaysRecharge
229 taka recharge1538MB**28 DaysRecharge
279 taka recharge3GB**28 DaysRecharge
337 taka recharge3.5GB**(2.5GB Regular+1GB 4G ) 28 DaysRecharge
399 taka recharge5GB**28 DaysRecharge
427 taka recharge5.5GB**(3.5GB Regular+2GB)28 DaysRecharge
609 taka recharge6GB**28 DaysRecharge
649 taka recharge10GB**28 DaysRecharge
998 taka recharge20GB**28 DaysRecharge

Minute Packs

For both Prepaid & Postpaid
Recharge AmountPack DetailsValidity 
14 taka recharge25 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)16 Hours (Dynamic)Recharge
24 taka recharge42 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)24 Hours (Dynamic)Recharge
43 taka recharge75 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)4 DaysRecharge
53 taka recharge85 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) + 50 SMS7 DaysRecharge
78 taka recharge135 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)7 DaysRecharge
99 taka recharge175 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)7 DaysRecharge
113 taka recharge200 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)10 DaysRecharge
199 taka recharge350 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)30 DaysRecharge
237 taka recharge430 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator)15 DaysRecharge


Terms & Conditions:

  • Monthly bundle users (MyPlan, Pre to post or, MNP port in customers) are eligible for 20% data bonus with the star marked data packs**
  • Any recharged amount other than the pack price will be added to customer’s main balance
  • Only Internet & Minute Packs will be activated if the mentioned amount will be recharged. Other amounts should be recharged for regular Flexi load
  • Recharge based activation is applicable only for Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Recharge based activation is possible only through Flexi load SIMs and online recharge from No pack will be activated if the amounts are recharged through any other means.
  • Unused data volume of any Internet pack will be carried forward only when the same Internet Pack is re-activated within the active validity period of the respective pack
  • Any Minute or Data Pack purchased from retailer will not be reflected in bill paper, but it will be reflected in Minute or Data for Postpaid customers
  • Customers need to dial *121*1*2# to know the remaining Minutes balance
  • Customers need to dial *121*1*4# to know the remaining Internet balance
  • Any Minute or Data Pack purchased from retailer will not be reflected in bill paper
  • For Postpaid customers, Due Date Barred customer will get a notification to clear due amount and trigger payment amount will be rejected
  • Pack price is inclusive of SD, SC and VAT
  • All the terms and conditions of Internet packs will also be applicable here
  • All other terms and conditions of Minute packs will also be applicable here
  • "GP- Any local operator” denotes domestic network calls only (GP-other mobile operators, GP-PSTN & GP-IPTSP) excluding any short code calls