Job News

Any category of job that the companies are eager to advertise will be available through this service. You can avail this service trough IVR & SMS

Voice Update:

You will able to get Garments, textile, Marketing, Overseas jobs information simply DIAL 23003

Tariff: BDT 2.0 per minute (excluding SD + VAT+SC)

10 second pulse applicable

SMS Update:

You can also avail this service by SMS. write START<space>JOB CATEGORY to 23003 for Job Alert Service. Cancellation anytime during campaign – STOP<space>JOB CATEGORY to 23003. You will only get two alert daily summary wise on Job vacancy. To cancel anytime, type STOP<space>JOB CATEGORY to 23003.

Tariff: BDT 2.0 per SMS (excluding SD + VAT+sc)

JOB CATEGORY KeywordShort CodeCharge
AccountingSTART ACC230031.22
AdminSTART ADMIN230031.22
AdvertisementSTART ADV230031.22
AgriSTART AGR230031.22
BankSTART BNK230031.22
BlueSTART BLUE230031.22
CommercialSTART MGMT230031.22
Customer CareSTART DATA230031.22
EducationSTART EDU230031.22
EngineeringSTART ENG230031.22
GarmentsSTART GAR230031.22
GovernmentsSTART GOV230031.22
HRSTART HR230031.22
InternationalSTART INT230031.22
ITSTART IT230031.22
MarketingSTART MKT230031.22
MedicalSTART MED230031.22
PharmaSTART PHAR230031.22
PhysicalSTART PHYC230031.22
Real StateSTART REAL230031.22
ReceptionSTART REC230031.22